Hellenic Beauty Global Cup (3-5 April 2020): Nails & Brows & Lashes

Dreaming of your own ticket to the magical world of Beauty? The big moment is coming: Hellenic Beauty Global Cup 2020! The new Lashes, Brows & Nails Global Cup comes for everyone, from beginners to experts. The distinction, recognition and the glow that you deserve, arrive in April 2020 in beautiful Crete!
The milestone competition in your career comes with luxury and glamor! You will compete in the nominations you choose per level, with world-renowned judges and beauty experts by your side. Your experience will take off with gifts and the seductive aroma of Crete!
Contestant, Judge or Sponsor? You definitely deserve a place in the Hellenic Beauty Global Cup 2020! Register now!

Visit the website in the link below:



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